Reasons Why Your Home Heats Unevenly

Reasons Why Your Grand Prairie, TX Home Heats Unevenly
  Uneven heating is a common issue in residential areas in Texas, especially for two-story houses. While several issues are causing this, it is still better to consult the experts to find out the root of uneven heating in your home. Read on to learn! Damaged Blower Motor A broken blower motor hampers your heating system from distributing warm air in the entire house. When your blower motor stops working, your home will not be properly heated thus, making your indoors completely uncomfortable. If you suspect a problem in the blower motor, be sure to have it inspected and repaired when necessary. Restricted Airflow Proper air circulation is essential for keeping an equal temperature level throughout your home. When airflow is restricted, you may need to check the following parts.
  • Blocked/Closed Registers
Check your vents and registers. Make sure they are clear of hindrances such as furniture and appliances. Clear the area around the registers to allow the air to circulate freely as it should.
  • Dirty Filters
Your furnace filters should be free from dirt and debris. Old and dirty air filters reduce airflow thus, restricting hot from reaching its destination. Dirt buildup can substantially make your home suffer from uneven heating especially these cold months when you need warm air the most.
  • Disconnected/Leaky Ductwork
Disconnected and leaky ductwork reduces the ability of your heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Air leaks through open spaces in the ducts which results in uneven heating. Contact your service provider to inspect your duct system. Improper Furnace Size A wrong-sized furnace can either be too small or too big for your space. If it is undersized, it might be able to deliver enough amount of heat to all rooms at home. If it is oversized, it might take shortcuts in heating cycles hence, limiting your furnace to heat your house evenly.  When your heating system is not properly sized, it won’t be able to meet your home’s heating demands. Heating Repair and Maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX Your home heats unevenly due to issues that remain hidden and unsolved. Let our trained and experienced technicians at BV Air Conditioning & Heating help you deal with them one by one. We have the best people to address all your HVAC needs in Texas. Contact us whenever you need help.  

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