How Much Heating Oil Will You Use During Winter?

How Much Heating Oil Will You Use During Winter?
  It’s not every day that you ask, “how much heating oil will I use throughout the cold season?”, “does my furnace tank have enough fuel?” This winter, all homeowners in Grand Prairie, TX should make sure that there is an adequate amount of heating oil in their furnace tank. Want to learn how to calculate your heating oil consumption? Check out this guide for information. Monthly Heating Oil Costs Calculation: Gallons & Average Usage Many factors can affect your monthly heating oil consumption including your lifestyle, room temperature settings, the age of your heating system and maintenance. But, making calculations can be as easy as these guidelines below.
  • Check the manufacturer’s plate on the burner
The number near the burner indicates the capacity specifications of the tank in gallons per hour. You may also check the complete information on the nozzle.
  • Look into your previous heating-oil bills
Check the volume of oil consumed from the past winters. This way, you can easily determine how much you are likely to spend this year. Also, consider the weather last winter. If it was not as cold as today, then add a little more volume of oil for your usage this year. To get your average heating oil consumption per month, get the sum of your oil usage for 12 months then divide the answer by 12.
  • Refer to the average gallon consumption of oil-burning furnace per hour
An oil-burning furnace commonly consumes an average of 0.8 to 1.7 gallons of oil per hour during operation. These numbers may change depending on some factors like the design and age of the unit. Some models may consume more or less oil than the average. Expert Ways to Lower Your Heating Oil Consumption
  • Invest in high-quality fuel oil.
  • Get annual furnace check-ups and maintenance. Clean the filters, nozzles, burner, and other essential parts of the furnace as often as possible.
  • Buy smart thermostats to help you control your fuel oil usage.
  • Reinforce your home insulation.
  • Test for drafts and always check for air leaks.
  • Don’t forget to lower the temperature of your thermostat when you are not at home or before bedtime.
What Else Should You Do? Talk To Us! Calculating and lowering your heating oil usage is best with the help of experts. Talk to our energy professionals at BV Air Conditioning & Heating for your questions about your heating oil costs and other important matters. Contact us today!

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