Is It Bad When My Evaporator Coil And Condenser Coil Don’t Match?

Is It Bad When My Evaporator Coils And Condenser Coils Don't Match?
Condenser and evaporator coil are intended to function as pair. That’s why before purchasing replacement for either of these two, be sure that they match each other. Failure to consider this trick will put your system in trouble. Read on to know what will happen when your coils do not match each other. Increased Energy Bill Mismatched coils can really mess up your energy saving plan. If one of the coils is smaller, keeping up with the work of the bigger one can be pretty tough. Your system has no other choice but to double the effort in giving you the temperature that you need. And the result, it will be another upsurge on your energy bill. Less Comfort The effect of an incompatible system coils can also be felt on the comfort of your home, particularly temperature and humidity. Bigger evaporator coils and smaller condenser coils cool your home at desired temperature but humidity can be left too high since it can remove little to no moisture at all. On the other hand, if your evaporator coils are smaller than the condenser coils, dehumidification can be obtained but not proper cooling. Reduced Duration Time Sad to say, the simple mistake of purchasing mismatched HVAC coils can lead to your system’s early retirement. Mismatched coils double the working period of the components. This will bring stress to your system and may eventually be a cause for major repairs and system breakdown. Void Warranty Manufacturers design HVAC system with complimenting coils. They see to it that the evaporator and condenser coils are proportional with each other and they want you to maintain that. That’s why it’s a strict suggestion from HVAC builders that you should replace coils and other parts with the same size and SEER rating. Otherwise, your warranty will become invalid. If you need an HVAC coil replacement and you’re thinking of going bigger on one coil, don’t do it. If one of these coils is damaged, expect that in days to come, the other will also fail. Then you’ll be facing more expensive repairs for your system. Most freelance HVAC technicians forget to consider this important concern. That’s why hiring a professional HVAC Expert is always the right choice. Don’t go too far when you need trusted heating and cooling services. BV Air Conditioning & Heating is just around the corner to help you.

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