5 Most Common HVAC Problems

5 Most Common HVAC Problems
With constant use, there will come a time that your heating and cooling fails. Here’s five of the most common HVAC problems that trouble homeowners.
  1. Dirty Filters
Air filters play an important role in your unit’s proper function. They trap dirt and airborne particles and prevent them from entering your home. Be sure to replace air filters regularly because the trapped particles can block airflow, causing stress on your unit and health risks to you and your family.
  1. Thermostat Issue
Your thermostat regulates your home’s temperature. Before you assume that the problems with the temperature are caused by malfunctioning HVAC systems, see to it that your thermostat is in shipshape. Sometimes, the problem lies on drained batteries and incorrect thermostat settings.
  1. Airflow Problems
Air leaks in the duct is one reason why you’re experiencing airflow problems. Check also your outer units if there are blockages that hinder the proper flow of air. Be sure to remove these debris and seal all leaks to prevent future complications.
  1. Leaking Refrigerants
Refrigerants are responsible for the cooling of your home. A leaking refrigerant is detrimental to your system for it may cause the components to work longer to meet your normal needs. This can greatly affect your energy consumption bill.
  1. Improper Air Balance
Dampers help in managing the right amount of cooled and heated air that comes out of your vents. If you feel that some rooms heat or cool faster than the other, it can be because the dampers are not balanced. You can always get rid of these problems with regular HVAC maintenance. Call the experts at BV Air Conditioning & Heating to keep your unit running in good shape throughout the season.

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