What Causes Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home?

What Causes Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home?
  Do you feel like your home is haunted because you’re freezing in one room? And elsewhere, you think you’re in a sauna because it’s always hot. It sounds crazy, right? But a lot of homeowners have the same experience. Good thing, BV Air Conditioning & Heating can help you find out what causes hot and cold spots in your home. Let’s get started!

Oh No! Your Air Ducts Need Help

Improperly designed, poorly insulated, and clogged with dirt—these are the reasons why your air ducts need help. And that means real trouble. These ductwork problems are causing your home’s temperature to fluctuate and your HVAC system to work harder then it should be. As a result, more energy is wasted, and your comfort is compromised. But there’s something you can do to prevent or resolve this situation. Inspect your air ducts regularly, keep it clean and clear, and schedule an A/C tune-up.

Stop! Look & See: Some Stuff Is Blocking

Another cause of uneven temperature in your home is an obstructed air vents. We often tend to overlook them, and over time, they get easily clogged with dirt, mold, or other debris. They should be cleaned regularly to maximize airflow. And sometimes, we’re not noticing that some stuff like furniture and other items are blocking them. These also reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. Check your air vents frequently and make sure that they are not closed or obstructed.

Oversized, Undersized, Never Just Right

The size of your HVAC system can either make or break your home’s comfort. An oversized A/C will cool or heat too quickly. On the other hand, an undersized unit will need to operate constantly to reach and maintain your desired comfort level. Whether you’re planning to add a new air conditioner or replacing your old unit, consult with an expert for professional advice.

Old And Forgotten

If your A/C unit has been with you longer than a decade and not maintained properly, more likely it will not function as it used to be. Just like cars, it needs a regular tune-up to keep it in tip-top shape and prevent issues such as hot or cold spots in your home, poor indoor air quality, and sudden breakdowns. At BV Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer a wide range of heating and cooling services that will meet your comfort needs. Just give us a call or contact us through this form, and our master technicians will come to your doorstep right away.

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