Top 5 Summer Air Conditioning Mistakes

Top 5 Summer Air Conditioning Mistakes
Unaware of what’s causing your energy costs to snowball? You might be the culprit behind this problem. Read on to find out and avoid these top 5 summer air conditioning mistakes that you and most homeowners make.

Top #1 Poor Maintenance of Your System

Just like cars, your cooling system needs a dose of TLC to keep it running smoothly and efficiently in every season. Preventative maintenance pays the price. It doesn’t just extend the life of your air conditioner but gives you peace of mind and greater savings from costly repairs. It usually includes detailed cleaning of coils, condenser, ductwork, and thorough inspection of electrical components, blowers, and heat exchangers.

Top #2 Dirty Air Filters

When was the last time you replace your air filters? If you can’t recall, here’s a friendly advice: change it every three months to keep your cooling systems work efficiently all year long. Most homeowners tend to forget this basic maintenance task and they get surprised when the utility bills get high. Your air filter serves as a safety net that blocks airborne pollutants and allergens that can put you and your family’s health at risk.

Top #3 Incorrect Size

Bigger is not always better. An oversized air conditioner unit will likely go on short cycles, putting your cooling system in jeopardy and early failure. It causes inconsistent temperature and poor indoor humidity. While an undersized unit takes a long time to cool the air space which results in huge energy consumption.

Top #4 Poor Installation of Your A/C

Poor installation significantly affects the overall performance of your system. It’s another cause of many A/C problems in the long run. High electric bills, frequent repairs, health, and safety risks are among the most common consequences of poor installation. For greater peace of mind, let only the professionals work on your AC installation needs.

Top #5 Too Low Thermostat Settings

Most homeowners think that if they set the thermostat at a very low temperature, it will cool their home faster. That’s not how your cooling system works. In fact, you’re forcing your air conditioner to work harder which leads to inconsistent temperature, high electric bills, and discomfort. What you need to do is exercise patience; set your thermostat to your ideal home’s temperature, and let your air conditioning unit does the work. For more helpful information or concerns about your cooling system, call us at BV Air Conditioning & Heating. Anytime, anywhere we are at your service.

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