Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace This Holiday? Check These Signs!

Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace This Holiday? Check These Signs!

This holiday, you’ll be busy decking the halls and buying presents for your loved ones. There’s always a whole lot of preparation for Christmas evening! But have you ever thought of your furnace even just once?

Having a well-functioning heating system is essential, so you, your family, and guests won’t have trouble on a holiday night. You’ll know if it’s time for a new furnace when you see these signs below.

Your System Is Aging

Include a new system in your Christmas wish list or begin shopping for a new furnace if you think your equipment can no longer make it on holiday. Many homeowners prefer replacing their furnaces before the holiday comes to avoid discomfort during gatherings.

Temperature Imbalance

It’s not ideal to accept guests in your home if it’s not comfortable enough. One room is too hot while the others are a bit cold—and this is not normal unless you’re using zoned equipment (a system that lets you control the temperature in each room using different thermostats).

Temperature imbalance occurs when your furnace can no longer handle the heating demands due to its age or poor condition. Your system tends to lose its ability to distribute an equal amount of heat throughout the house. Call an expert to know if a replacement is needed.

Increased Utility Bills

The rising price of gas and electricity are not the only reason why you have high utility bills. As your furnace ages, its efficiency level declines, especially if it doesn’t receive regular maintenance. Because of its excessive effort to deliver and maintain the required temperature indoors, the system consumes more energy. Consider replacing your system and save money in the long run with a new, energy-efficient furnace.

Strange Sounds

Do you hear rattling, knocking or squealing sounds? It’s not the kids banging the drums and singing Christmas carols. Maybe it’s your furnace! Furnaces typically make noises when turned on and off. However, if weird noises get progressively louder, call the experts for troubleshooting. Strange sounds could mean your system needs a replacement or its parts need repair.  

You deserve a good treat this holiday. Gift yourself with a new furnace so you could enjoy uninterrupted comfort in many more holidays to come.

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