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Are you looking for a reputable HVAC service provider for your comfort needs? Being in the field for quite some time now, the BV Air Conditioning & Heating has always been the top choice in HVAC services in Irving, TX, and other nearby areas. We have continuously operated to our standard of strict compliance in high-quality service. Regardless of whether you need a new unit or an upgrade to your present one, we’ve got your back. We are bonded, licensed, and insured to give you the best possible comfort you desire.

With a broad range of services and products, we make sure that we leave our customers with 100% satisfaction. We are providing our customers comprehensive maintenance checks, top-notch products, exceptional repair services, and product installations and system upgrades.

Should You Call an HVAC Expert?

You’ve tried everything you can at least to ease the issue of your malfunctioning HVAC system, yet no improvement is happening. You might not know it, but there could be a chance that you make the situation worse. But then again, undeniably, there will come a time where you’ll give up and will need an actual professional. And for you to keep your home comfortable and hassle-free, you’ll do so as soon as possible.


In some cases that your air conditioning system is not functionally working, there are some things that you can do before calling a professional. The first step would be the thermostat. Sometimes it’s not rocket science; sometimes, a right tweak is all you need. Make sure that your unit is set to ‘cool’ and that the temperature setting is correct. The second step is making sure that the air filter is recently replaced. And lastly, check if there is any debris blocking the airflow on your outdoor compressor unit. All these are the simple fixes that can be done without the need to call an expert.

Go for Prevention

Congrats, you did it! You managed to fix your HVAC problem without the need to call a professional. Although no matter how adept you are at maintenance, always go for prevention. Have a call at least once per year on an HVAC professional. These individuals are trained to handle this job. They manage complicated tasks, such as electrical connections, coolant levels, and moving mechanical parts that often appear new to ordinary people.

Plus, they can also assess future serious issues, and this can prevent you from costly repairs. There is no better way to avoid big problems than to have an HVAC professional serviced you once per year.

Just Call Them

If your A/C stops functioning, making odd noises, giving off a foul smell, and no longer blowing cold air, call them. You can always call your nearest HVAC contractor to check your malfunctioning unit. Just provide the necessary info about the issue you are undergoing, and the technicians will promptly address your situation. It is advisable to call them as soon as you can to avoid further damage.

Select a Reputable HVAC Service Provider

When choosing an HVAC company, it is imperative to call a bonded, licensed, and reputable company. To make sure you select the right HVAC service provider in Irving, TX, hire the seasoned HVAC professionals —BV Air Conditioning & Heating. We have a long list of customers on our books and a wide range of experience. Rest assured that we will give you peace of mind in every transaction while getting things done with flying colors.

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Our all-out effort and talents and resources will meet your heating and cooling desires by providing the best HVAC services imaginable. Regardless of your needs and budget, we can design a package that meets your demands and budget.

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