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Heating and cooling are a crucial part of maintaining your home. When heat pumps aren’t installed properly, it can lead to costly mistakes that will result in decreased comfort for you and your family.

Fortunately, BV Air Conditioning & Heating is ready to provide quality heater installation in Euless, TX. Be sure to contact us whenever you need quality service.

5 Most Common Heat Pump Installation Mistakes

Heat pump installation can be tricky if not done correctly. With that, here are the five most common mistakes that happen during heat pump installation:

1) Not using a heat pump installation kit

A heat pump installation kit is used to ensure that all the parts are included, fit properly, and work well together in creating an efficient heating unit.

The manual has detailed instructions on how each part works, so you should follow the guide closely during heat pump installation.

2) Wrong unit size heat

Ensure you know exactly what needs to be done for heat pump installation before beginning because measuring the units properly and installing the heat pump will take a lot of time and effort.

Also, heat pumps come in different sizes, so the one for heat pump installation should be picked carefully to ensure it fits as well as possible.

3) Not enough heat source

If heat pump installation is done without the aid of a heat source, it will take a long time for the unit to produce heat. This means that there may be instances where people using these units could become very cold during this waiting period and risk hypothermia or other serious conditions due to being too cold.

4) Not using heat pump installation lubricant

It is important to use heat pump installation oil. This will help the parts of heat pumps function better to produce more heat and create a comfortable environment in homes or other areas where these units have been installed.

5) Not enough ventilation

Make sure there is proper heat pump installation ventilation. This will help prevent the units from overheating and ensure that they can provide a comfortable climate for those in the area where these machines have been installed.

6) Not using anti-freeze

Make sure there is heat pump installation anti-freeze. This will help prevent the units from freezing up and ensure that they can provide a comfortable climate for those in the area where these machines have been installed.

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