Everything About Heating Maintenance

Everything About Heating Maintenance by BV Air

When it comes to the time when your furnace needs replacement or you think that it is not working properly then heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX would be very helpful in this situation. 

You are thinking that there are many companies which provide high-quality furnace but still you need some more information about heating maintenance. 

So there are few things which will help you for this purpose and they are mentioned below: 

Heating maintenance starts with regular professional cleaning of your furnace. 

You should also regularly clean the fan and fan blower to ensure that it is working properly. It will also help you prevent dust buildup because if there will be accumulation of dust then certainly ducts would be blocked which may cause damage to the furnace. 

You can use this service twice in a year or any time when required, however, some companies offer this service on every month basis as well. 

Safety Inspections

In addition to this, they also provide safety inspection services which help you for better protection for many years against common problems like carbon monoxide poisoning and heating breakdown.

Meanwhile, most companies also provides 24-hour emergency repair services as well where you can call them at any time and they will reach to your place as soon as possible to fix the problem. 

Heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX is very important because most times these issues are not visible to homeowners and only professionals can detect hidden fires, gas leaks, electrical hazards, air flow problems or other health risks that may be present in your furnace or duct system. 

So if you want hassle-free life then heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX is a must for every homeowner. 


You should also shift the contract to another company anytime if you feel that you are not getting enough services from them or your budget does not allow for this purpose. These service providers change their deals every now and then so do keep yourself updated about it.

Professional Cleaning of Furnace

Hiring professional companies can be helpful for any homeowner because they would send expert technicians which would thoroughly clean up your furnace and duct system. They use high-tech equipment like flexible brush, hand tools and vacuums to clean the fan housings, fans, vents, and heat exchangers during a heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX

Moreover, if is any leakage in your ducts then they would be able to identify the same as well so you can get a complete solution from them.

There are many benefits of hiring only one service provider only like they understand your home heating system needs, provide emergency furnace repair services round-the-clock and also offer updated safety features to meet stringent air quality standards in your local area. 

How Often Should a Heating System be Serviced?  

This is a question that sometimes causes confusion. It’s common for people to think that they should schedule their heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX around the beginning of fall and end of spring seasons. 

However, this isn’t what most technicians recommend. The truth is, there are really no set rules when it comes to how often you need your furnace or boiler serviced. 

Our advice? Treat it like you would your car—check in with us during the convenient service calls we offer throughout the year, but don’t feel obligated to book an appointment based on some arbitrary timeline.

How Do I Know If My Furnace Needs Servicing?

You can tell whether or not your heating system requires professional attention by paying close attention to its performance and making note of any irregularities. 

Some tell-tale signs that your system needs a tune-up to include the following: 

  • Your system is failing to produce adequate flow of hot water or steam
  • You notice a significant increase in your utility bills
  • The fan on the top of the device is running but there’s no heat coming out (indicates issue with airflow and/or heat exchanger)
  • There’s an unusual noise coming from the unit (i.e., rattling, knocking or squealing sound)

But perhaps most importantly, you should schedule heating system maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX if you don’t know the last time your furnace was serviced. If it has been more than five years since its last visit, now is as good a time as any!

If you suspect that your furnace needs servicing or if you’ve noticed any other irregularities—give us a call at (683) 333-6559 to set up an appointment. We’ll send out one of our technicians for a comprehensive check-up of your system, who will put your system through its paces and let you know when it’s time for its next tune-up.

How Can I Find a Reliable Heating Maintenance Contractor? 

If you own a home or business that requires heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX, it’s important to find reliable technicians that provide this service. While there are many contractors out there, not all of them will be able to properly maintain your heater through the colder months. 

It’s also possible that they may try to sell you on services and products that you don’t need–or even fix something incorrectly!

How can you tell if a contractor is trustworthy? 

Here are some questions you should ask when searching for HVAC professionals in your area: 

1. Do they offer an initial estimate or quote?

What is included in the cost and what work will be done should be outlined before any money is exchanged. This helps avoid surprises about hidden fees later on and allows you to decide what’s most important to do within your budget. 

Typically, a heating maintenance company will charge $95-$225 for an hour of labor, plus materials such as filter replacements and low-pressure switches. 

If there are special requirements for your heater–such as moving furniture or climbing up onto the roof–these costs may also be added to the final price tag.

2. What kinds of warranties are offered with their services? 

While not all manufacturers warranty their products for life, some HVAC maintenance companies offer warranty periods for their labor. The length of time can vary depending on the types of work done, so be sure to ask about this when you meet with potential contractors. 

For example, some heating maintenance services may come with a 6-month warranty whereas others may offer up to one year of coverage. 

3. What kind of certifications do they hold?

The best technicians will have experience and proper training–meaning that most likely they are certified in repairs and installation for your specific model or type of heater. 

If they aren’t properly trained to repair your particular brand, there is no guarantee that they can fix your heater correctly the first time around–or at all! To find professional technicians who are experienced with servicing your heater, visit the manufacturer’s website and search for a dealer or contractor near you. 

4. Do they have good reviews?

There are several websites that allow customers to post reviews on past experiences with contractors. One example is Angie’s List (https://www.angieslist.com), which also offers local pre-screened companies that provide heating repair services throughout the U.S.

If you’re unable to find reviews posted online, ask the contractor what kind of feedback he or she has received from previous clients–if they can’t easily point out happy customers, this may be a sign that their business isn’t too successful!   

5. What kind of insurance or bonding do they have? 

Before you agree to hire someone, it’s important to check and see if the contractor has appropriate insurance for the services provided. 

A commercial liability policy will protect them in case of any accidents that may occur on your property–which, while unlikely, is still a good idea to look into so there aren’t any additional fees later on! 

Many HVAC companies also recommend that you ask for their state license number as well before hiring them. This is especially important if you’re finding technicians through an online service.  

6. Do they come with references? 

If you haven’t found any reviews or information about previous clients, ask for personal references–especially if the contractor has worked on heaters similar to yours in the past. 

Asking friends, family members or co-workers who have had their heater maintained recently by a reliable agency is an easy way to see how well the technician did their job and if they were able to keep appointments on time. 

When calling references, inquire about whether or not the technicians arrived within their scheduled time frame, did high-quality work, and were courteous throughout the process.  

Call A Professional Today!

While professional HVAC services typically cost more money upfront than doing repairs yourself, an expert comes out can actually save you money in the long run. 

If not properly cared for, your heater can break down more frequently and lead to expensive repairs that could have been avoided with routine heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX. 

If you keep these tips in mind when searching for reliable heating maintenance service providers, you’ll find the right contractors for your home or business in no time!

For reliable heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX, contact us at BV Air Conditioning & Heating! 

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