Emergency Signs Your A/C Needs a Repair

Emergency Signs Your A/C Needs a Repair
We’re on the verge of summertime, and the hot weather will soon start torturing our air conditioning systems. While we can double our maintenance efforts, problems can still go unnoticed. Today, let’s go over the signs that you need to have your AC repaired.

Blowing Hot Air

There are plenty of reasons why your air conditioner blows hot air. It can be due to a faulty thermostat, clogged air filters, or blocked condenser coils. You A/C units are designed to bring comfort and cool air to your home or business. If it does the opposite, don’t wait for the last minute. Call the experts to fix it for you!

Loud Squealing Noises

Is your unit making loud and disturbing noises? This is one of the most common problems that your air conditioner needs repair. More likely, a loose belt or damaged parts are causing this mechanical problem to your system. Do not ignore this issue and seek advice from the professionals.

Foul Smell

If your air conditioning unit is producing filthy and bad odors, possible causes are burned wire or mold piled up in the ductworks. This problem puts you and your family’s health at risk. Don’t wait long to get it worse. Have your air conditioner checked as soon as possible!

Refrigerant Leak

If you start noticing leaks around your air conditioning unit, then you have a serious problem. Clogged condensate drain line, broken pipe, and dirty air filters are some of the reasons for refrigerant leaks. It can pose a risk to your health and safety so you need to address the issue as early as possible.

Poor Airflow and Uneven Cool Air

Poor air flow and uneven cool air are among the signs that your air conditioner is in bad condition. Studies show that these A/C problems are caused by a faulty compressor and an obstructed condenser unit. A wise thing to do is get your A/C unit checked and repaired by a reliable HVAC contractor.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Inefficient air conditioning units can be a major contributing factor to your electric bills. Take time to check your previous energy consumption and compare it. If there’s a big difference in your electric bills every season, then your A/C system is failing to perform efficiently. You need to call the professionals for air conditioning tune-up or repair. Now that you’re aware of these emergency signs, you can never go unprepared for the summer months. Let us handle your comfort and contact us today!

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