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At BV Air Conditioning & Heating,  we pride ourselves on providing professional A/C installation Colleyville, TX. Our team of highly-trained professionals has installed thousands of systems in the area, making us one of the most trusted names in air conditioning installation.

We understand the importance of having a properly functioning A/C unit in the Texas heat, which is why we offer quick and efficient service that will get your home or business back to cool in no time. Call us today to get started.

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Problems of Amatuer A/C Installation 

Keep in mind that a proper air conditioning installation is not a DIY project. Many people think they can save money by installing their own unit, but this often leads to more problems and expenses in the long run.

When you hire an amateur to install your A/C unit, you run the risk of:

1) Voiding the Warranty

Most HVAC manufacturers will void the warranty on your unit if it is not installed by a certified professional. This means that if ever something bad happens to your unit, you will have to pay for all repairs and replacements out of your own pocket. This is a huge risk considering that air conditioners are not cheap.

2) Damaging the Unit

An air conditioning unit is composed of various complex parts that must be handled with care. If even one part is damaged during installation, it can cause the entire unit to malfunction. This will not only lead to more repair costs but will also shorten the lifespan of your unit.

3) Wasting Energy

If you let a  trained professional handle your A/C installation, you can be sure that the unit will be installed properly. This means that there will be no energy wastage and you can save on your monthly electricity bills.

However, with an amateur doing the installation, there is a big chance that the unit will not be installed correctly, leading to energy inefficiency.

4) Endangering Your Family

When dealing with electricity and complex machinery, it is always better to err on the side of caution. If you attempt to install the unit yourself, you could end up electrocuting yourself or causing a fire. You don’t want to put your family at risk just to save a few bucks. Let a professional handle it!

5) Compromising Indoor Air Quality

Having a  properly installed A/C unit is not only important for your comfort but also for your health. If the unit is not installed correctly, it could start leaking harmful chemicals into your home. Carbon monoxide is a serious concern, and you don’t want to take any risks when it comes to your family’s safety.

Choose BV Air Conditioning & Heating for Professional A/C Installation Colleyville, TX

When it comes to your air conditioning installation, don’t take any chances. Call the professionals at BV Air Conditioning & Heating. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, the first time.

Whether you need a new A/C installation or are looking for replacement parts for an existing unit, BV Air Conditioning & Heating has everything you need. We carry all major brands of air conditioners and our experienced staff can help you select the perfect unit for your home or office.

With us, so you can always count on us to keep your home or business comfortable all year round. Call us at (682) 333-6559.

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