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During the summer, whenever your A/C unit malfunctions, it greatly affects the comfort of everyone in your home. Problems may come as ineffective cooling, costly energy bills, malfunctioning A/C components, etc.

If neglected, these problems will present potential added stress on your cooling system, leading to total system breakdown.

So, is there anything you can do to help your A/C? When should you call a professional A/C repair technician in Arlington, TX? Read on to know more.

Should You DIY Fix Your A/C unit?

When it comes to a malfunctioning A/C unit, it is best to leave it on the professionals. We know that there are many DIY fixtures on the internet; however, trying to fix the unit yourself will most likely end up bad or wrong.

Often, DIY repair attempts end in a more damaged A/C unit than before. Best to reach your local A/C repair contractor in Arlington, TX, if something goes wrong with your cooling system.


What can you do to help your A/C unit?

You can take several steps to improve the performance of your A/C unit and lessen the likelihood of the frequent need for A/C repairs.

  • Routine changing of air filters
    Every 1-3 months, it is highly recommended to have your air filters changed or cleaned. If you cannot remember the last time you changed your filters, maybe it is time to do so. Doing this will ensure proper airflow and reduce the stress on your A/C unit.
  • Manually control your thermostat
    Be smart in managing your thermostat setting. Ideally, your thermostat setting should only go down 20°F below the outdoor temperature. We recommended setting your A/C unit to 75°F and up to make the most out of your cooling equipment.

When should you call for professional help?

Your A/C unit comprises several intricate components that a certified air conditioner technician should only handle. It is best to leave your cooling woes to them to prevent further damage.

The following are the signs you need to call a pro:

  • Unusual sounds
    Hissing, grinding, rattling, screeching, and all of those unfamiliar sounds that you do not normally hear from your A/C are worth asking a professional.
  • Poor airflow
    If you just had your air filters replaced or cleaned, and still the airflow is insufficient, best to call for help. This problem may indicate that you have issues with your A/C duct or fan.
  • High energy bills
    If you notice that your cooling bills are significantly higher than the previous months, then you may have a problem with your A/C unit. Although electricity bills are not fixed, you should not see a large increase in one go, especially if your energy usage is normal.
  • Producing warm air
    Your A/C unit is made to generate cool air. However, if it is pumping out warm air instead, this indicates a malfunctioning air conditioner. If you have this problem, immediately call your local A/C repair service provider in Arlington, TX, to address the issue.

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