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If you find your air cooling system blowing air but not cooling your room enough, there could be a problem. There are many reasons why your air conditioner might not be working optimally, and it could mean one of the many. If you encounter any issue with your air conditioning system or stopped working, then it’s time to call on professional A/C repair in Irving, TX.

Common Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning System Fail

If your air conditioning system stops working or not supplying your room with enough cold air, then that means it’s out of shape and would need proper maintenance, repair, or replacement. Here are some common reasons why your air conditioner fails:

  • Clogged Air Filters – Air filters have a very pivotal role in cleaning the air or trapping hazardous airborne materials from getting into our indoor spaces. When air filters are not regularly or adequately maintained and cleaned, the air filter gets clogged, and airflow becomes restricted. If you allow this to happen for some time, then your evaporator coil may freeze and won’t cool the air sufficiently.
  • Filthy Condenser Coils – While using your A/C system, it’s normal for the coil condenser to accumulate grime and dirt over time. That is why it’s imperative to keep the condenser coils clean to reduce the outside heat. If you neglect cleaning the condenser coils, it will have a hard time cooling your home.
  • Damaged Compressor –The compressor helps the refrigerant with its cooling function. When the compressor malfunctions, the indoor units would not be able to blow cold air. This is why it’s essential to perform maintenance or A/C repair once you notice your air conditioning system becomes sluggish in performance.  
  • Broken Thermostat –The thermostat helps detect any temperature changes. Once your thermostat is damaged or becomes defective, your air conditioning unit will malfunction and won’t be able to cool your home correctly.
  • Incorrect A/C Size –If you have a large volume of space to cover and have a small air conditioning unit, we have a problem. It’s essential to check your room’s size or area to know what air conditioning type of unit would be suitable for your space. So, if your house or office is small, then a smaller-sized A/C would be a good fit. In the same way that if you have a large home or office area to cover, then you would need a large-sized air conditioning system that can cool the entire room evenly without overworking your compressors.
  • Leaking Refrigerant. Refrigerants would be the common problem when your air conditioning system becomes defective or cannot supply you with a steady stream of cold air. When this happens, the best way to resolve the issue is to call on A/C repair in Irving, TX.

If you feel frustrated and uncomfortable with the warm air coming out from your A/C unit, you have to call us now at 682-333-6559 at BV Air Conditioning & Heating for professional and fast A/C repair in Irving, TX. We perform a wide variety of expert HVAC solutions such as A/C tune-ups, repair, and replacement to ensure that your air conditioning system is in excellent condition.

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