5 Common Furnace Installation Mistakes

5 Common Furnace Installation Mistakes
Wrong decisions always lead to big troubles. We want to help you make the right decision when it comes to your furnace. Let’s look at these common furnace installation mistakes that you can avoid through the help of professionals.

Insufficient Airflow

Your air ducts should be effectively designed for your space. When retrofitting or installing ducts, they must be sized correctly, sealed properly, and have the right combination of return and supply airflow for maximum efficiency. However, some contractors don’t meet the necessary dimensions and parameters, resulting in improper installation and insufficient air distribution due to leaks.

Poor Ventilation

Furnaces may emit toxic gases that can pose health issues and potential safety risks. This is why your heating system should have proper ventilation. An incorrectly sized exhaust flue or faulty damper won’t let the combustion exhaust gas to be released outside. In that case, you need to ensure that carbon monoxide detectors are working properly.

Wrong Size

Many homeowners believe that a bigger system is always better. However, achieving maximum comfort and energy savings lies in the right size. An oversized furnace will heat your home too fast and eventually go on short cycles. It will turn on and off repeatedly, wearing itself out. Having an incorrectly-sized furnace leads to high heating costs, humidity issues, frequent breakdowns, and more. Make sure you get an accurate load calculation for your space from your local HVAC contractor.

Incorrect Ductwork Installation

Some technicians are taking shortcuts and using the cheapest materials. The results are scary—you could have a cheap and leaky ductwork system. When air ducts are installed incorrectly, your system’s efficiency is compromised. Hence, making your home less comfortable and costing you more money.

Poorly Maintained Drainage System

Just like air conditioners, your furnace deals with a lot of wastewater, which needs to drain safely.  With inadequate drainage systems, your unit will have a hard time functioning properly. Plus, this could cause air quality issues and can damage your home due to water leaks. So, be sure to check your drainage system and fix any problems before installing a new furnace.

Reliable Furnace Installations in Grand Prairie, TX

These common furnace mistakes will only cause you a great deal of stress and a dreadful experience. Now, the choice is yours, and choosing BV Air Conditioning & Heating to install your new furnace is the right decision. We provide high-quality and reliable furnace installations in Grand Prairie, TX, and nearby areas. Talk to us today for any heating services.

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