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4 Major Furnace Issues to Look Out For

4 Major Furnace Issues to Look Out For
This cold season, it is time for your furnace to warm up your space.  So, you turned it on only to find out that you will be spending this season with an impaired furnace. After the long summer months, some problems might have developed in your furnace over time. Discover these major furnace issues that every homeowner in Grand Prairie, TX should pay attention to. Your Furnace Dissipates Strange Smells It is not normal for a furnace to emanate unusual odors. Thus, when you notice an unusual smell coming from your heating system, it may indicate an early sign of furnace failure. Does it smell like burnt wire, rotten eggs, pet dander or sewage water? Any of these unpleasant odors should be reported immediately to professionals for inspection and solutions. Your Furnace is Making Strange Sounds The sound that your furnace produces while operating is normal and common. But when it starts making unfamiliar and irritating noises, it is something you should look into. Listen to strange sounds like grinding, squealing, booming, knocking and thumping. Do not ignore these sounds as they cause a full furnace breakdown if not given an immediate response. Your Furnace Is Not Blowing Warm Air As fall sets in, it is important to ensure a dependable and well-working heating system that will keep the entire family cozy and comfortable. But what if your furnace does not throw off any heat? Could it be that your furnace has malfunctioned completely? A furnace that is not working is a serious issue that could lead to something worse if not solved. Be sure to consult your trusted HVAC contractor about the problem for the best resolution. For the meantime, keep your furnace off to maintain safety in the household. Your Heating Bills are Constantly Rising If your energy bills have increased tremendously in the past months, it is a sure sign that one of your appliances is malfunctioning. These appliances may include your heating systems particularly your furnace. When an appliance draws a great amount of power, it indicates mechanical or internal failure. If you believe that your furnace is the culprit of increasing electrical bills, call a qualified technician to check and attend to the issue. Be vigilant of these four major issues that your furnace might experience these cold months. For your HVAC needs and concerns, call us at BV Air Conditioning & Heating. We will be there in no time to lend a helping hand.

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