Start Your New Year with a New HVAC System

The New Year is here!  Did you already think of the things you wanted to leave behind in 2019? Like bad habits or old and malfunctioning unit? Stop wasting money on repairs and start saving today without sacrificing your home’s comfort. Take a look at these factors to help you decide when it’s time for a new HVAC system.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Though an HVAC system is considered as an energy hogs, it shouldn’t cause your electric bills to snowball consistently. But if your unit is failing to function efficiently, it’s a clear indication of a few issues at play. If there is a steady upward trend in your utility costs for the past years, then you may have a failing system. In that case, bring in the experts to diagnose the problem and provide you with a quick fix.

Uneven Temperature

Your HVAC system is designed to keep your home comfortable, but if it’s doing the opposite, then something is wrong. Uneven temperature is an obvious sign that your unit is near its retirement age or there’s an obstructed airflow. So make sure that your vents are not clogged with dirt and other debris or blocked by furniture. If you’re still experiencing hot and cold spots in your house, then you might want to consider replacing your comfort equipment.

Old Age

Just like other machines, your unit ages, becoming more unreliable and demanding costly repairs. On top of that is the natural wear and tear. As it loses its efficiency, you are most likely to experience persistent discomfort and other issues on its operation. A brand new model that is highly-efficient with smart service is what you and your family deserve. So, before you make a final call, start looking at the big picture.

Frequent Repairs

If your system had major repairs within two years and it has already cost you thousands of dollars, then do the math. Save yourself from the stress and troubles. Instead of continuing to spend more money on an old and malfunctioning HVAC, consider getting a new unit. For sure, it’s a wise move in that situation and your wallet will thank you later. Start your New Year right by making wise decisions when it comes to your comfort unit. We hope this post helps you to know when a new HVAC system is needed. To find more helpful tips or top-notch heating products and services, contact us at BV Air Conditioning & Heating today! We service and install high-quality HVAC systems for a price that meets your demands and budget.

5 Furnace Warning Signs You Should Know

Over time, your furnace may develop issues that can leave your Grand Prairie, TX, home unsafe and really uncomfortable. Good thing that there are signs that tell you that something is wrong with your heating unit. Once repairs are done, you can save your furnace and home as well. Keep an eye on these five (5) warning signs of a failing furnace.

Old Age

If yours has reached its retirement age, it is wise to start shopping for a new unit. When your furnace begins to fail or falter in one way or another, it means that some components have worn out that require repair or replacement. Check your user manual or coordinate with its manufacturer regarding the age of your furnace.

Increased Energy Bills

Furnaces that have not been properly maintained lose their efficiency through the years. As a consequence, they have to run longer than normal to provide the heat based on your comfort needs. This is why your electric bills are continuously going up.

Disturbing, Unfamiliar Noises

Those strange sounds that you hear from your furnace are indications of an issue in the unit. Spare some of your time observing your furnace for banging, popping, rattling, or squealing noises. These sounds mean that something in the blower or other parts of the system are damaged or worn out. Get this issue fixed by calling your trusted HVAC contractor immediately.

You’re Getting Sick More Often

It’s not always that you get flu or cold even if you stay most of the day indoors. But with a malfunctioning furnace, you are more prone to illnesses especially with clogged filters and cracks on the heat exchangers. Cracks that developed in the heat exchanger might cause carbon monoxide to leak resulting in flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, and other similar health problems. Have your furnace inspected by an expert technician to detect and resolve existing and future issues on the unit.

Changes in Flame Color

Your furnace’s burner should only produce a blue flame. If you see any colors than blue like yellow or orange flame, it means that the unit is seriously damaged. Yellow flame has other implications such as leaks in the chimney or vent, rust in the pipes, carbon monoxide diffusion, and more. Give your technician a call after you noticed a yellow flame on the burner. Watch out for these signs! Call us at BV Air Conditioning & Heating, the moment you see any of these warning symptoms. We offer comprehensive furnace services in Grand Prairie, TX, and nearby areas. Talk to our experts for your comfort needs.