The Truth About Dirty Furnace Filters

  Maintaining clean furnace filters is not just about protecting your investment but also keeping a healthy indoor air. Furnaces tend to work efficiently with well-working and regularly maintained components including air filters. Thus, performing simple maintenance tasks should not be a big deal to you. Continue reading to learn more! Purpose of Air Filters: What Are They Made For? Modern filters are engineered to optimize your indoor air quality, but their purpose is beyond that. The main goal of air filters is to protect your furnace from premature damage and potential breakdown. While your furnace’s blower fan draws an excessive amount of debris at a sustained speed, the filters screen and sift air particles that can harm your indoor air. Over time, dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminants may build up hence; a routine cleaning service is needed. 3 Ways a Dirty Furnace Filter Can Affect Your Health
  1. Allergen Build-up
Air filters are responsible for trapping dust, dirt, and other air particles that can build up over time. Some of the allergens can have a serious effect on your health including mold spores, pollen, dust mites and more. Excessive dirt in air filters contaminates the air inside causing nausea, headaches, congestion, and other severe health cases.
  1. Development of Respiratory Illnesses
Millions of airborne particles may find shelter inside your home without your notice. Dirty air filters increase the chance of bacteria, pollen, and viruses to attack your health in an unseen manner. Once exposed to air irritants such as mold and bacteria, allergies and other health conditions may be triggered. To keep your home free from health hazards caused by air contaminants, you should maintain your air filters at all times.
  1. Respiratory Irritation
People with asthma and existing respiratory illnesses are mostly affected by dirt buildup in air filters. Airborne elements can trigger their illnesses and allergic reactions that make the illness even worse. If someone in the house has difficulty in breathing, lung failure or any respiratory-related ailments, do not procrastinate on cleaning or replacing air filters. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed that indoor air could be worse and more dangerous than outdoor air. Maintaining a healthy indoor environment requires you to clean and change filters religiously. If you have questions about furnace filter cleaning, repair or maintenance, consult our experts at BV Air Conditioning & Heating. We offer quality solutions to your IAQ needs.  

5 Questions to Ask about Heating Maintenance

  Got questions about maintaining your heating system? No worries! Our experts at BV Air Conditioning & Heating will answer some queries below that people in Grand Prairie, TX commonly ask.
  • How long does a heating maintenance service require?
The duration may vary depending on several factors such as the age of your system. For older units, it may take longer.  A maintenance service is required not only for units with defects or lingering issues but even for newly-purchased heating systems.
  • What types of heating systems require regular maintenance?
All heating systems should be maintained annually. Whether you are using a natural-gas powered system such as a gas furnace or gas-fired space heaters, they need regular maintenance to function and perform at optimum efficiency throughout the year. If not, your system will be at risk of emergency breakdown and your comfort these cold months will be compromised.
  • How many times in a year should your heating system get a maintenance service?
Several HVAC companies offer the service only once a year which is the ideal frequency for tune-up and maintenance. But, it depends on your service provider. At BV Air Conditioning & Heating, we maintain any heating equipment not only once in a year but as often as needed.
  • Is a maintenance program worth your investment?
Definitely! It pays back the costs in many different ways you could not imagine. Maintenance does not only protect your system from failure but also save you from repair or replacement costs. During a maintenance service, your system is thoroughly assessed from inside and out to identify the problems and prevent them from recurring. A well-maintained system runs more efficiently and offers great savings on energy bills.
  • Does a maintenance program offer other benefits?
Yes. We provide a heating maintenance service along with multiple benefits. Once you enrolled in our maintenance plan, you are ensured of lifetime care of your system with regular tune-up and inspection. Ask any of our customer service representatives today to know more about our maintenance agreement. Heating System Maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX           If you are thinking about enrolling your heating system in a maintenance program, these questions should be your starting point. Take time to read and understand them for information. But, our experts make it clear that maintenance service is a requirement for your heating and cooling system. If you have not scheduled one for your system, then do it as soon as possible. For further questions and inquiries, call our specialists at BV Air Conditioning & Heating.