5 Easy Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips


A routine A/C maintenance can do wonders on your unit and your bank as well. If you want to stay cool throughout the summer days,  you should start by keeping a well-maintained air conditioning at home. Here are five (5) simple air conditioner maintenance tips that keep your system from emergency breakdowns.

  1. Clean/Replace Air Filters

How important is it to keep your air filters clean at all times? Mind you; dirty air filters can cost lives. During high-use seasons like spring and summer, you should clean it once a month. To avoid the possibilities of allergen-related illnesses, it’s necessary to ensure a clean and healthy air blowing in from your air conditioner.

  1. Keep Up Your Outdoor Unit

Many homeowners tend to forget that the condenser unit exists because we don’t see it more often than the other A/C components. Over time, dust, dirt, leaves, and bushes may overwhelm the outdoor unit that lessens its efficiency. Thus, you have to keep it clean and clear from any barrier may it be dust or bushes.

  1. Check Electrical Wirings and Other A/C Components

Do not forget to turn off your air conditioner before doing a random examination on the wirings. First things first: check your home’s main breaker panel. See if there is anything wrong with the wiring connecting to the air conditioner. Try removing the access panel connected to the outdoor unit to see signs of overheating or short circuit. Check for burnt or blackened wires and melted insulation on the wirings. For your safety, it is best to call in a professional electrician to make a thorough inspection of the system.

  1. Examine Your Ductwork

Always include duct cleaning in your chores list. Bring in the experts if you can not do the handwork. They will not just do duct cleaning but a complete duct inspection to look for holes and cracks. A well-sustained duct system should be free from dust, debris, pet danders, mold and holes.

  1. Always Test Your Thermostat

It is never a bad idea to keep an eye on your thermostat. Check the display, turn it on and off and see if the controls are working properly. If you have not switched to a programmable thermostat, you better do it now. A thermostat upgrade works a lot better in keeping your home’s preferred temperature.

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4 Air Conditioning Terms That Could Save You Thousands

Heating and cooling systems are complex devices that require deep understanding. At every purchase, you will surely encounter difficult terms that can confuse you. This is why it is important that you know and understand every air conditioning terms for greater savings.

Below are important air conditioning terms to learn if you want greater savings on your system.

#1. Seasonal Energy  Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

Surely, you always hear from people to get an air conditioner with higher SEER rating. But, what does it mean? The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio measures your air conditioner’s efficiency and performance. The U.S Department of Energy recommends getting a unit with 13 SEER rating or higher. If you have an older unit with less than the minimum SEER rating, it’s best to replace it with a new unit.

Air conditioners with higher SEER ratings are expensive, but they could save around $400 a year. Before purchasing a unit, consult a reliable manufacturer and an HVAC contractor regarding the right SEER rating suitable for your home.

#2. Humidity

Humidity is defined as the quantity of water vapor present in the atmosphere or a given space. If your A/C unit runs throughout the day, humidity makes indoor temperature warmer than normal. To prevent your indoor environment from getting hotter even when the A/C is constantly running, you should get a system equipped with humidity control. Humidity is one of the factors to consider when you want greater savings on the energy bill and greater comfort at home.

#3. Modulation

Modulation defines the amount of energy delivered to your air conditioning unit. How does modulation save you thousands? Simple! Buying modulated air conditioners helps control the temperature and humidity indoors. Whenever you set your temperature higher or lower, a modulated unit aids your home with comfort and energy efficiency.

#4. Heat Pump

We were just talking about air conditioners then suddenly, we are tackling heat pumps? Relax! If you notice, heat pumps work in contrary with air conditioners. While A/C units use a conventional system to cool outside air in the refrigerant, a heat pump pulls in the warm air then drives it outside. Using heat pumps can save you thousands of dollars especially in places with a mild climate. Try buying a dual-fuel system that you can use for any season.

If you want to know more about your air conditioning unit, BV Air Conditioning & Heating can help you. Contact our experts today to learn how to save money with your cooling system.